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Friday, 8 May 2015


MAY2-6 2015

Hotel Ratan Haveli - Jaipur - Incredible India


Hotel Ratan HaveliJaipur, hotels in Jaipur, Hotel Ratan Haveli online hotel ...Address. 240, Gatore Road, Brahmpuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302002. India. Status :  .


The Karma Haveli at Brahmpuri, Jaipur is an authentic 17th Century family mansion built in the golden age of the Maharajas. The design and establishment of  ...

Map of Hotel Ratan Haveli

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Ratan Haveli Hotel Jaipur - TripAdvisor.in‎

  1. Hotel Ratan Haveli
  2. Hotel
  3. Address: 240, Gatore Road, Brahmpuri
    Phone:0141 267 1027
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The Karma Haveli at Brahmpuri, Jaipur is an authentic 17th Century family mansion built in the golden age of the Maharajas. The design and establishment of Jaipur City was completed by year 1735, but Brahmpuri was established before this and hence Brahmpuri is the first colony of Jaipur. Architectural experts from Bengal, Maharashtra and Gujarat were invited by the Maharaja of Jaipur to design the city, and were then settled in Brahmpuri, the first colony of Jaipur.
Karma Haveli, Jaipur was designed and furnished by local Jaipur designers; there is an air of authenticity that surrounds this stunning location. Close to the ancient city walls, Karma Haveli is a mere 10 minutes walk from the centre of Pink City.
The Hotel consists of a selection of 20 spacious bedrooms, all equipped with in suite bathrooms, air conditioning, cable TV, telephones, mini bars, 24 hour reception.
Karma Kasuri Restaurant serving mouthwatering local and international cuisine, and a fully renovated ancient Bawdi (stepped well) which forms the centre piece of the intimate gardens.
Roof top terraces provide the perfect 'crow's nest' to view the ancient town battlements and the daily activities of the local populace as they go about their busy day.


with father Eddie in jaipur church

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